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Desmond & Beatrice

Desmond & Beatrice – Bakeshop and Cupcakery

February 21, 2013

Baked goods at Desmond and Beatrice

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So my girlfriend had suggested we try some killer cupcakes, so we took a streetcar over – #savetheenvironment #publictransit #pennypinching – and I finally had the pleasure of tasting the renowned wonders of Desmond & Beatrice. First impressions, clean, delicious, well put together, warm, and welcoming.When you first walk in you’re greeted with two chalkboard menus, a glass display of the delicious treats, and a wall of neatly framed items. The chalkboards had the items of the day which must be different each day or else they would’ve just had a printed menu.


The Good:

The wall of cool things was a nice distraction and added a sort of ‘culture’ to the environment which was solely built on a very light, neutral blue palette. The cupcakes and baked goods were obviously the showstoppers and they boasted about six different cupcakes, four variations of cookies, and a plate of brownies. The clerk was very friendly, the store was well done, and the cupcakes were delicious. I noticed that the store had themed table cloths in the spirit of valentines day, which I thought was a nice touch. I liked that they really thought through their consumers’ purchasing habits and left a container of complimentary birthday candles for those celebrating an occasion by the register.Chalkboard menus inside Desmond & Beatrice

The Bad:

I really wish they had offered some complimentary beverage either in a cup or a bottle. After eating the brownie and cookie, I really just wanted some fresh water to wash it down with. Thought it was rather odd that I had to wait in line and ask for a bottle of water. Instead, I rustled through my bag, found my own and quenched my thirst. The lack of labels for each item (which was probably like 10-15 items max) just didn’t make sense to me. When my girlfriend and I walked in we asked the clerk what each item was, which she happily informed us about. But, after we ordered and sat down, two separate people walked in, asked the same question, and the clerk responded in exactly the same way. This spanned about a 20 minute gap and I could only imagine how many times the clerk would have to repeat herself. I think a small label for each item would be extremely useful both for the clerk and the cusumer. The front of Desmond & Beatrice storeLast but not least, the location! Having to take a 15 minute street car over from Queen & Yonge is just beyond words for me. With the quality of their product and the pricing (which was really affordable – $2.75/cupcake) relocating to a more populated area like the Ryerson (Yonge & Dundas) area would probably propel their business.


Overall, the baked goods were great and I really enjoyed my visit. I would definitely recommend it to others simply for their quality product and pricing. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be going back unless it’s on my way, I’m craving cupcakes, or my girlfriend feels like going.


Rating: 4/5
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Photo Credit: @KatyMadelyn


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