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DropBox – Sharing Files and Cloud Backup

February 1, 2013

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I’ve been using dropbox for a few years now and I simply can’t live without it. With “in the cloud” growing in popularity, Dropbox has really delivered on its value proposition. It allows users to upload videos, pictures, and files of all sorts to a cloud server so you can access it from anywhere and from any device. It makes it really easy to share multiple files, pictures, or videos with others just by sending them an invite to the folder. If you just want to share a single file or don’t want to give access to an entire folder, you can just send a link so the recipient can access it and view it on the web. Dropbox generously gives you 2 GB of free upload space when you sign up and a plethora of avenues for additional free space. I’ve gotten 10GB+ of free space over the years and it’s been incredibly useful for various projects. I use dropbox for school projects, client projects, and storing files that I want to be able to access from anywhere.
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I have a love/hate relationship with the features that they’ve recently added: Camera Upload and Passcode Lock

The camera upload feature easily syncs all of my iPhone/iPad captures into my dropbox which is both convenient and a nuisance. Since I take quite a few snaps with my phone, it became incredibly annoying when I logged into my Macbook and there were 34 files being downloaded. I’ve left the camera upload feature enabled on my iPad due to the infrequency of new pictures on it, and have disabled it on my iPhone. If I want to quickly upload something, I can just use the app’s manual upload feature and I can access the files almost instantly on my other devices.

The passcode lock feature is definitely necessary because it allows you to set a passcode, similar to that of your lock-screen, and adds some extra security to your dropbox. I have private files on my dropbox that anyone who picked up my phone could simply access but with this it acts as another barrier to entry. Cool feature but gets annoying because it’s repetitive.


Dropbox Screen Shot of AlterEgo Beats



Rating: 4.5/5
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