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February 23, 2013

Flashlight app by mobile tech incFlashlight

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Finally, a flashlight app that really works (and it’s iPad compatible #winning)! This app is truly amazing! The team at MobileTech Inc. really created a stellar app that’s both useful and free! It’s so simple and lightweight it’s made it onto my main screen because I use it so much.  flashlight app strobe effect

As soon as you launch the app you instantly shoot a bright light from the back of your phone that illuminates the area. It comes with a few features like adjusting the brightness, creating a strobe light-like effect, and a large on/off button. I’m constantly using this app like when I drop something in my car, too lazy to get up in the middle of the night to turn the light on, or just need that extra bit of light to see something more clearly. flashlight app light on speed testThe speed that this light turns on at is incredibly quick so it’s just more convenient to use instead of finding a flashlight.

The downfall of this app is that keeping it on it will quickly drain your battery (#obviously). Better than most flashlight apps in this remark but still not all the way there. It also has annoying little ads that pop-up from time to time, but it’s not bad enough to be deemed unbearable.

Overall, it’s a great little app that sports a lot more pros than cons and is an iPhone necessity. I recommend this app to anyone without a jailbroken iPhone (because if you jailbroke it you’d already have SpringFlash) and wants an app that really works. So what are you waiting for? Someone to post the link at the top and bottom of the page to make sure you don’t miss downloading it? Go and get it, it’s Free!


Rating: 4.5/5

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