sleep cycle reading from october 28

Sleep Better (Sleep Cycle)

October 29, 2014

Ever since I was introduced to Dave Asprey the founder of The Bulletproof Executive, I’ve been obsessed with ‘hacking’ my sleep. I’ve been wanting to sleep as little as humanly possible and still run at optimal performance. I’ve used this app called Sleep Cycle (paid $1.99) that helps me track what factors impact my sleep, the total duration of my sleep, my resting heart rate and how I feel when I wake up (happy, natural, not so happy). I’ve been using it on/off for about a little over a year now and honestly I love it.The creators preach its’ validity and I have my doubts but merely knowing how long I’m sleeping for and reflecting on how it makes me feel is crucial to optimizing this aspect of my life. I’ve had days where I sleep 8+ hours and I feel like crap; lazy, unmotivated and all around low on energy. On day’s that up slept 3-5 hours I feel supercharged like I’ve eaten the energizer bunny and I’m running on some batteries that Elon Musk has just released for a new Tesla.

I’m no expert when it comes to being healthy, dieting, or sleeping, but I thought I’d share what I’m doing in order to measure the effects of my habits and the results of ongoing efforts. Have a look at my sleep cycle recording from last night, I think it’s cool.

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